Cuir Vénitien – Spring Inspiration


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An all-night celebration in the splendour of a Venetian palace for a vibrant woman who loves parties, life and the night Cuir Vénitien stirs from the depths of a night laced with cedar and leather with a halo of white musk.

Exhilarated by a shiver of Prunol and passionfruit; calmed by rose de mai and fresh jasmine. Leaving a whirl of bergamot and bitter orange in its wake, between audacity and innocence as it teases the senses. From Venice to Paris, it celebrates love in unison.


An all-night party in a pink palace. In the narrow, winding streets beside the Venetian canals, a woman glides towards the night lights. Behind her mask, she stirs the shadows, alight with the expectations of the night. Laughter chases the clouds from her eyes. The evening promises to be beautiful and rebellious. Running through a rose de mai garden, she reaches the doors of the palace. Dizzy with the scent of Prunol, she climbs the marble stairs. She sways toward the ballroom, pushing past feathers and sequins. Her diaphanous skin beats with the emotions of a bewitching perfume resonating with the baroque notes of a melody powdered in white musk.


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Cuir Vénitien – Spring Inspiration

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