Cuir Altesse – Winter Inspiration

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An aristocratic fragrance for magnetic personalities
The bottom notes release the sensuality of leather, benzoin and oak moss, while amber vibrations are rounded out by vanilla. The middle note exalt the senses with rose petals and jasmine, patchouli and cumin. Majestic and sparkling, orange explodes at the heart of a spicy bouquet tinged with cardamom.


Cuir Altesse, a bewitching melody straight from a Left Bank cabaret.
This powerful, sensual fragrance undulates to a jazz beat from the Roaring Twenties and vibrates to the muted tones of an inspired trumpet player. An homage to the poet’s muse who, stretched out on a well-used leather sofa, shoots a simmering gaze on the amber reflections of a spicy cocktail as she draws arabesques with the burning tip of her cigarette. Aristocratic to the very tips of her long gloved fingers, she is a woman who can never be forgotten.


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Cuir Altesse – Winter Inspiration

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