Cuir Solaire – Summer Inspiration


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An array of Andalusian sensations for a fiery, passionate woman

The melody of this perfume is born on a bed of leather, amber and heliotrope, bewitched by vanilla and patchouli. It rises in a sensual dance of jasmine, clove and orange blossom cooled with maritime splashes, then liberating the insouciance of sweet orange laced with petit grain and bergamot.


Sun-kissed Leather is a multifaceted woman – sneaky, untamable – whose beauty is totally unique. She is scrumptiously sweet when her rolling hills are sheathed in orange trees brimming with juicy fruit and precious blooms. She is a graceful, dazzling Flamenco dancer. She is a noble equestrian thirsting for freedom astride her jet black stallion. She bravely defies the power of a bull with her cunning wit.


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Cuir Solaire – Summer Inspiration

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