He is like his fragrance, sensitive, secret, calm and yet bubbling over, motivated by an intense passion.

The perfume and you?

They are lightning strokes which mark out my existence. Personally I am very sensitive to a fragrance which speaks to my existence. I am not attached to the brand. I find it inconceivable to mix my intimacy with a history which does not belong. I am capable of buying an unknown fragrance from the depths of Italy if it murmurs to me. If we are in harmony, it means that we need each other to express ourselves fully.
For me perfume is something profoundly authentic, which makes contact with our emotions in an immediate and instinctive manner.

Most often, a perfume is the final accomplishment of a creator particularly in the field of high fashion.

I do not see why one has to design clothes or vases in order to create a unique fragrance ? I think that it might even harm the sincerity. Let us change the established order ! It is not in my being to be mercenary. I only follow my passion and my instinct. Today the perfume David Jourquin exists. I claim every micron, every drop, every olfactory sensation of this elixir. It is my reality and my eternal dream.
I am thrilled with the result. Its future is no longer mine.

From a wise amateur to a perfume creator ?

My professional course has been an emotional quest. The history of this perfume has been in me for all and a day, I wanted to share it. The dream has now become reality. I associated artists and craftsmen renowned in the fields of perfume, leather, glass, wood and calligraphy… I chose them as much as they chose me. Through their art they told my history which has also become their history – that of a unique perfume and beyond that, a precious object which assembles the finest French craftsmanship and contains piece of our souls.

A luxury item must be exorbitant…

No, expensive. The luxury I like has the price it is worth and not which it claims. It is not exorbitant it is expensive – nuance…

Your ambition for this perfume ?

I would like it to be loved for what it is, a personal olfactory composition, a unique object, artistic and alive. I would like it to be murmured like a secret that one shares with someone one loves.

A murmur can become deafening

If that is its destiny !

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