Winter in Biarritz

A blazing tribute to the capital of the Basque country…

In the wake of his vibrant success among the world’s most demanding connoisseurs of fine fragrances, David Jourquin is now unveiling another facet of his ultra-creative olfactory soul…
This time his bright light shines in a candle dubbed “Winter in Biarritz”. Deeply in love with this fascinating place where emotions and passions come to life, this cunning fragrance artist drew his inspiration from a very personal scent. Highly original, complex and absolutely enchanting, it draws you in with its dazzlingly natural appeal while at the same time surprising you with its bold sensuality. A hymn to the flamboyant city of Biarritz, this candle fills your home with the power of this deeply romantic Atlantic landmark.

« For me, Biarritz and the Basque country invite people to build harmonious ties based on an array of emotions: powerful yet refined, daring yet reassuring. With the fragrant ambiance of Winer in Biarritz, I was looking to create a sense of infinite emotions springing forth from this multifaceted land. I wanted to share my burning passion for its untamed freedom. As the candle burns, its flame tells the tale of a remarkable encounter, forever engraved in my emotional travel log. It speaks of my strolls along the shore, my adventures through the fabulous forests that lead to the unexpected beaches, the waves crashing on the beach at sunset as a red glow lights up the horizon… the thrill of a candlelight dinner, the soothing taste of sweet wine, the footloose parties in Bayonne…. It also brings to mind the majestic home where I fell fast asleep “like a baby” nestled under a fluffy down comforter while listening to the crackling embers in the fireplace and the well waxed wooden floors creaking as someone tiptoed down the hall. It encourages you to wander amidst the vast open spaces and cuddle up in cozy niches. It reminds you of the soothing rhythm of waves and the intrigue of whispers, the passion of rugby, the elegance of golf and the furry of the wind. It’s an open book of emotions to be savored wholeheartedly, anytime anywhere.»

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